Trout Lake Nature Center






Trout Lake Nature Center located at 520 East CR 44 in Eustis. Drive along a gravel road to the Nature Center stopping for a turtle along the way. Have a picnic in the enclosed pavilion and then take a hike on one of the many trails. Walk along the stepping-stones in the butterfly garden. pict1028





A Touch Table inside the Charles Newell Hall Museum named after Mr. Hall who was instrumental in developing the center. Mounted birds, turtles and snakes on display.

A kiosk lists the land and aquatic turtles native to Florida and the correct handling of turtles. Watch closely for a turtle in one of the cages to appear from underneath a log or a man-made turtle burrow.






A Diorama inside the nature center filled with different species. Ancient fossils, a rock and butterfly exhibit. Pick up a brochure about the birds of the nature center and a trail map. Free entrance to the museum. Hours of operation on the website.