Manatee Sanctuary Park




Stand at the edge of the boardwalk while watching the cruise ships on the Banana River at Manatee Sanctuary Park at 701 Thurm Boulevard in Cape Canaveral. Realistic looking sculptures of a Manatee with her calf and three turtles by Ken Laudadio. Read the plaques and learn about the species and their habitats. Walk along the water’s edge and see if you can spot a Manatee.

Stroll along the boardwalk while feeling the breeze along the Banana River. Keep your mind fit as well as your body at the exercise stations along the 1/2 mile trail. Rent a pavilion for parties or bring a picnic lunch and relax while your children play on the playground.

Stop at the bridge and see if you can name some of the different bird species that inhabit the park. Hours of operation and rental information posted on the website. Before boarding your planned cruise, spend a relaxing couple of hours at the park.

Orlando Loch Haven Park

Orlando Loch Haven Park located at 777 E. Princeton Street in Orlando. What is now 2.6 miles of urban trail formerly the Dinky train line that began service in the late 1880s. The Orlando-Winter Park Railroad owned the 6-mile train line that ran from Orlando to Winter Park eventually extended service to Oviedo and by the late 1960s service ended.

Whether its a 0.5-mile, 1.25-mile, or a 1.3-mile urban trail all lead to different areas in Orlando all part of the former Dinky Line. Lake Formosa an historic neighborhood established in the early part of the 20th century to Virginia Drive or Magnolia Avenue in downtown Orlando.




Paul Marco

Albert Paley

Bob Van Breda






Relax in a lounge chair under a thatched hut, a lounge chair by the lake or on a garden bench under a trestle overlooking the lake. Stroll around the manicured lawn admiring the many sculptures that are part of the collection of the Mennello Museum of American Art and some gifted to the city of Orlando. Sculptures made of welded steel, welded metal, bronze and fiberglass with steel.

I recommend the park a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours. Afterwards, visit a museum or science center.

Dickson Azalea Park





Welcome to Dickson Azalea Park at 100 Rosearden Drive in Orlando. Walk down one of the stairways that connects the trail circling the park. Cross one of several bridges to the other side of the park, stop and admire the foliage at the creek below. Pink and Red Azaleas in bloom, ferns and Sabal Palms surround the park.

dickson-azalea-park-026dickson-azalea-park-008Sit on a bench underneath a tree and read a book, meditate, listen to the birds sing while relaxing and enjoying the surroundings. I recommend the park; the best time to go is February and March when the Azaleas are in bloom.

Riverwalk Family Park

pict1716Riverwalk Family Park located at 5355 US Highway 1 in Rockledge. The nature center, nature themed playground, and boardwalk comprise the park. Bring a picnic lunch and eat at one of the picnic tables.




Aquarium tanks throughout the nature center house a Diamondback Terrapin that swims in the ocean and walks on land. A touch tank, and a quarantine tank that holds small turtles. An Oyster Toadfish, a Banded Tulip Snail in one tank and Crabs in another. The bones of a Bottlenose Dolphin and the West Indian Manatee in the display case.


pict1751Join in the fun with your children in the Nature Themed Playground equipped with different activity zones. Explore an Aqua Zone, Organic Engineering, and Play Art.





Walk along the boardwalk to the Indian River Lagoon and admire the native plants of Riverwalk Park. Sit on a bench, relax, and listen to the songbirds. Stop at each plaque that describes the different birds found in the lagoon. Feel the breeze as you reach the lagoon, stop and watch the waves as they break on the shore. Watch a speedboat racing across the lagoon or a sailboat slowing sailing across the lagoon. I recommend the park admission is free. An informative and relaxing way to spend the day.

Central Park

central park & environmental center 031central park & environmental center 007





Central Park on Park Avenue in the heart of Winter Park. Charles Morse an early settler donated the land. Walk along the brick path and admire the abundance of roses or sit on a bench underneath a trestle. A Peacock Fountain in the rose garden in memory of a classmate and friend by sculptor Lloyd Le Blanc.

central park & environmental center 024central park & environmental center 028




Sit on a bench and admire the fountains. Emily, a sculpture inside one of the fountains by Albin Polasek a sculptor from Moravia that is now part of the Czech Republic. A Veterans Memorial Fountain dedicated to war veterans in the early part of the 20th century donated by Howard G. Lindsay a Winter Park resident.

central park & environmental center 110central park & environmental center 031-2Admire the Tsuboniwa in Japanese means small-scale garden. The newly built Winter Park Train Station designed in the Craftsman-style architecture. An earlier train station now part of the Winter Park Historical Museum and Farmers Market. Concerts throughout the year at the band stand. Many restaurants and shops along Park Avenue. For special events, contact the number on the website.

Shady Park






Shady Park named for the abundance of shade trees. Located in Hannibal Square historic neighborhood in Winter Park an African-American Community established in the early 1880s. A monument at the front of the park dedicated to the residents of Hannibal Square.


0707151413-00Molecular Dog a bronze sculpture that resembles a dog, a splash pad and NEOS a playground that provides part elec-tronics and part aerobic exercise in the park.

0707151415-00Many benches in the park for your relaxation. Reserve a Shady Pavilion for private parties. A community center onsite.

Sculptures in Orlando

Muse of Discovery, Cedars of Lebanon and Centered
some of the sculptures on display at Lake Eola Park in Orlando. Two sculptures located in the center of town. Each sculpture has a plaque that describes the art.



“Centered” by C.J. French of Hood River, Oregon. The sculpture depicts Orlando as the epic center of family fun, creating lifetime experiences and endless memories. Does the yellow form represent the sun?



“Union” by Ralfonso is a Kinetic Stainless Steel Wind Structure that has thirty wings. Kinetic art depends on movement for its effect. Born in Switzerland Ralfonso now resides in West Palm Beach. Most of his large kinetic sculptures appear in public places throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and United Arab Emirates.

Take Flight

Take Flight

“Take Flight” by Douve Blumberg. The sculptor is made of aluminum and magnesium. I describe it as birds taking flight. Douve Blumberg has received many awards and commissions throughout his career. Douve Blumberg lives in Demossville, Kentucky.

Muse of Discovery

Muse of Discovery

“Muse of Discovery” by Meg White is made of limestone and earthwork. Earthwork is a large, artificial bank of soil. What is a muse? In Greek mythology, in poetry and literature they were the goddesses of literature, science and the arts. Most of the work she produces are large and of a figurative nature. Meg White lives in Stephensport, Kentucky.

Cedar of Lebanon

“Cedar of Lebanon” by Jacob S. Harmeling of Orlando. The sculpture made of Steel Tubing and Mirror Polished Stainless Steel. What is the Cedar of Lebanon? The Cedar of Lebanon a tall evergreen tree noted for its high quality timber, oils, resins, and is the national emblem of Lebanon.

Monument in Right Feet Major

Monument in Right Feet Major

“Monument in Right Feet Major” is a bronze sculpture by Todji Kurtzman who lives in Portland, Oregon. His art considered movement art. Whether its a painting or sculpture art is perceived as beauty in the eyes of the beholder. I see his sculpture as a man whose feet are firmly on the ground but turning and twisting as in a dance.

Global Convergence

Global Convergence

“Global Convergence” is a solar powered LED light sculpture by Deedee Morrison and is located at the front of the Orange County Regional History Center. Her art form considered installation art that is three-dimensional, shaped like a globe and emits light from solar power. Her works displayed throughout the United States. She lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

AstroGenesis II

AstroGenesis II

“AstroGenesis II – The Birth of Stars” by Wendy M. Ross is at the corner of Church Street and Orange Avenue. It is a kinetic structure, which lights up by LED light. Kinetic sculptures depend on motion for its effects. The ball is made of steel. Wendy owns a sculpture studio “Ross Sculpture Studio”, LLC in Bethesda, Maryland.