Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Purchase tickets inside the Visitor Center for a pontoon boat ride at the Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park at 465 Wakulla Park Drive in Wakulla Springs. Our boat captain took us on a scenic ride on the Wakulla River pointing to the Alligator resting on the banks of the river. The different species of birds nesting in the trees. Ducks swimming along the boat and Manatees swimming below the surface.

Swim in the 120 feet deep springs or dive in the cave 185 feet below the surface. “Old Joe” an 11-foot alligator found at the bottom of the river the locals believed was murdered. Encased in glass inside the lodge. Artifacts displayed inside the visitor center going back 12,000 to 15,000 years. A poster board shows the Spanish as the first conquerors from the late 17th century to the mid-18th century.

The Wakulla Springs Trail a 6.3-mile trail that includes a Tree Walk a 0.6-mile walk. Try to name 14 trees by their leaves.

From the 1930s to the 1970s, movie studios filmed Tarzan movies, movies starring Lloyd Bridges and Jack Lemmon. A series of Creature movies and a WWII training film.

The Lodge at Wakulla Springs

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places The Lodge at Wakulla Springs a Mediterranean Revival Moorish, Spanish style architecture. Evening talk with a Ranger held once a month. This month’s talk about Edward Ball and the history of the lodge. He bought land in the early 1930s the construction of the lodge cost $75,000 to build that began in 1935 and completed in 1937.





The lodge state of the art originally built for Mr. Ball’s friends had marble and air conditioning. Different river scenes from unknown artists painted throughout the lodge. Stencil and hand-painted art on the ceiling, Mr. Ball wanted the artists to remain unknown. He didn’t want the artists’ works to take away from the beauty of the lodge. The ranger said that people who couldn’t afford wallpaper in their homes used stencil on the walls.





Sit in a stool in the longest marble top soda fountain. Real leaf ornaments dipped in copper. Wall hangings and tile trivets, Wakulla Springs Prints, hand-painted coasters and the usual souvenirs found in gift shops. I recommend the springs. Stay in the lodge and experience the atmosphere of a by-gone era. Wakulla Springs admission prices found on the website.