The Lawton House





The Lawton House at 200 W. Broadway Street in Oviedo a historic home now a museum built-in the late 19th century by J.H. Lee, Sr., an early settler to Oviedo. A historic marker on the property chronicles the Lawton House.





Storyboards give a detailed history of Oviedo throughout the years. Photographs of historic homes in the late 1800s into the early 1900s as well as photographs of early settlers. After the citrus freeze in the late 1890s, celery became the main crop. Memorabilia shown throughout the museum. Tools used in the Oviedo Fire Department through the years exhibited. Early kitchen appliances that includes an antique stove and a Mangler iron still in use today. The early hand-cranked Mangler irons had two rollers that made it easy to iron.

A map of the Orlando-Winter Park Railroad that owned the Dinky train line began service in the late 1880s. The 6-mile train line ran from Orlando to Winter Park eventually extended service to Oviedo and by the late 1960s service ended.

Located in the town of Oviedo and founded in the early 1960s the University of Central Florida originally called Florida Technological University home to 53,000 students. A lot of history in a small town. Free admission to the museum, open the first Saturday of the month along with the Farmers Market. After visiting the museum, listen to music on the porch.

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