Orlando Loch Haven Park

Orlando Loch Haven Park located at 777 E. Princeton Street in Orlando. What is now 2.6 miles of urban trail formerly the Dinky train line that began service in the late 1880s. The Orlando-Winter Park Railroad owned the 6-mile train line that ran from Orlando to Winter Park eventually extended service to Oviedo and by the late 1960s service ended.

Whether its a 0.5-mile, 1.25-mile, or a 1.3-mile urban trail all lead to different areas in Orlando all part of the former Dinky Line. Lake Formosa an historic neighborhood established in the early part of the 20th century to Virginia Drive or Magnolia Avenue in downtown Orlando.




Paul Marco

Albert Paley

Bob Van Breda






Relax in a lounge chair under a thatched hut, a lounge chair by the lake or on a garden bench under a trestle overlooking the lake. Stroll around the manicured lawn admiring the many sculptures that are part of the collection of the Mennello Museum of American Art and some gifted to the city of Orlando. Sculptures made of welded steel, welded metal, bronze and fiberglass with steel.

I recommend the park a relaxing way to spend a couple of hours. Afterwards, visit a museum or science center.


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