Museum of Geneva History

pict1380-1pict1381Museum of Geneva History located at 165 First Street in Geneva. A small community founded in the late 1830s, photographs of cattlemen and people who owned orange groves were some of the early settlers.

A sixth-generation resident of Geneva and a museum docent answered our questions as we walked around the museum. The residents of Geneva donated all the items. Every era of Geneva displayed throughout the museum. Steamships the mode of travel during the late 1800s. People boarded the steamship Astatula from Lake Monroe or Lake Harney and traveled the upper St. Johns River.

pict1385An early 1940s map of Orange County that included portions of Seminole and Osceola Counties. Newspaper clippings of the civil war and a handbook of civil war soldiers buried in the local cemetery. Put a special coin in the Violano Virtuoso a self-playing electric violin invented by Henry Konrad Sandell from Sweden.

pict1396-1marble-voting-boxA toy cradle from the 1850s and Children’s Christmas books from the early 20th century. A hardwood box that holds survey equipment belonging to surveyor Joel Allen Barber. The term blackballed came from the early voting box. Made from wood a voting box included a white marble for “Yes” and a black marble for “No.”

pict1403From Honor Our Veterans from WWI and WWII to Railroad History. Spikes from a railroad and a photograph of a Geneva Train Depot circa 1920. A 1912 plat map of Geneva, an early kitchen and photographs of Geneva Turpentine Farming from the late 19th century to the late 1920s.

Pen and Ink prints, books, t-shirts and Geneva license plates for sale. Free entrance to the museum, donations accepted. Hours of operation on the website.