The Museum of Arts and Sciences


The Museum of Arts and Sciences affiliated with the Smithsonian Institution located at 352 Nova Road in Daytona Beach. Drive along a winding road to the museum admiring the lush foliage along the way. Pick up a map at the visitor desk and take a self-guided tour inside each of the galleries.

Wood engravings drawn by Winslow Homer, lithographs, graphite on paper and silkscreen print inside the Karshan Center of Graphic Art. A cast bronze bust of Jose Julian Marti, a Cuban Patriot, author, poet and translator sculpted by Juan Jose Velez Sicré one of the greatest Cuban Sculptors. Black and white photographs, pottery and furniture all inside the Cuban gallery.

pict1106A replica of a Mastodon, Dinosaur skull, shells and mollusks inside the pre-history gallery. The lower jaw of the Saber Tooth Tiger and the lower jaw of the Fossil Horse exhibited.





An assortment of masks, African Art and Artifacts throughout the African Art Gallery. Vigango commemorative posts to honor the spirit of the deceased by the Giriama people of Kenya.






Oil on Canvas paintings by portrait artists Frederick Spencer and Eastman Johnson. A Windsor chair, a seventeenth century court cupboard and an eighteenth century campaign chest in the American Art and Furniture Gallery. Spend an afternoon in the museum; afterwards visit the Sculpture Garden and Tuscawilla Preserve. Prices and hours of operation available on the website.






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