Museum of the Apopkans





A beautiful landscape cover the grounds of the Museum of the Apopkans located at 122 E Fifth Street in Apopka. Apopka named the foliage capital of the world. On the lawn, a plaque dedicated to the veterans and civilians of WWII. A millstone used for grinding grain and a bell from the locomotive donated by the Land Family who owned a logging railroad on display. Mayor Land the longest serving mayor of Apopka for over sixty-one years.

Our museum guide took us around the museum explaining everything in detail. The Andersons, Jacksons, Olsons, Larson and Thollander families from Sweden established the settlement of Piedmont. The settlement existed for a hundred years until the town annexed into Apopka in 1986.

pict0987A wine press exhibited. The Jackson and Larson families owned and operated a winery in the late 1890s. Florida Orange Wine made from a cross between a lemon and an orange. A Christening dress and a baby crib for Bertha Olson a child of the early settlers to Piedmont. An exhibit of a late nineteenth century living room and a mid-1930s kitchen.

pict1005Native American artifacts from Arrowheads to pot shards found around the Lake Apopka area. Photographs on the wall of the Armstrong family and African-Americans in Apopka. A photograph of Willie Lewis “First African-American” mail carrier for the U.S. Post Office in Apopka.

The library filled with books on early Apopka History, Black History and small towns. I recommend the museum a very knowledgeable guide. Free entrance to the museum, donations accepted. Museum hours located on the website.


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