Dudley Farm Historic State Park

PICT0931PICT0932Dudley Farm Historic State Park at 18730 W. Newberry Road in Newberry. Watch a film about 3 generations of the Dudley Family inside the Visitor Center. The cracker house formerly the home of the Hodge Family related to the Dudley family by marriage.

PICT0933-1Photographs of the Dudley family, exhibits depicting early life on the farm, the second and third generations, reconstruction after the civil war and the next fifty years. Myrtle the youngest of the twelve children and the last remaining sibling donated twenty-four acres, family heirlooms and the eighteen buildings to the Park Service in 1983.PICT0945PICT0964PICT0949





PICT0952PICT0954We started our self-guided tour walking along the pathway stopping to watch the cows grazing in the pasture. The kitchen a separate building roped off but you can look in. The farmhouse set up as if people still lived in the house. An ironing board set up ready for clothes to be ironed. Canning jars, dishes, cups and saucers and vases on the shelves and a table set up for family meals. A parlor with a fireplace and family photographs on the mantel. Lace curtains and doilies on a rocking chair.

PICT0963A park staff employee drove up in a golf cart and offered to take us around the farm. She pointed out the general store that served as a post office. She gave us a detailed history of each building and told us that volunteers run the farm as a working farm. She pointed out the old Gainesville Road and the different fruit trees that include Fig, Peach, Orange, Walnut and Pecan. A sugar cane festival that demonstrates boiling and crushing of the cane held the first Saturday in December, Vendors invited to show their wares that include cooking and rope making.

The staff is very knowledgeable. I recommend visiting the Dudley Farm, go back in time and see how life was for the people on a 19th century farm. Admission and hours of operation on the website.

One thought on “Dudley Farm Historic State Park

  1. I have been researching the Dudley family in England. Sir Edward Dudley arrived in Virginia in 1637. Do you know the history of the Dudley family that your Park is named after? I would like to see if your Dudley family is related to ours, Thank you, Cheryl R. Jones


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