Leesburg Historical Museum

leesburg_heritage_museumLeesburg Historical Museum located at 111 South 6th Street in Leesburg. Spanish style architecture originally constructed in the early 1920s as a woman’s club.






PICT0742Photos and keepsakes of Belle Hamilton and Elizabeth Geiger two of the women who helped preserve Leesburg history. Images of Leesburg, old cameras, the first telephone exchange and WWII memorabilia throughout the museum. The life of Evander Lee, founder of Leesburg depicted.

Magnolia Hotel-1PICT0739Famous visitors stayed in Leesburg once known as the Watermelon Capital of the world. Annie Oakley a famous sharpshooter stayed at the Lake View Hotel a Queen Anne style hotel built by Edward Mote. Errol Flynn and Ernest Hemingway two of the famous guests that stayed at the Magnolia Hotel built in the early part of the 20th century. Photos of the Magnolia Hotel as well as mementoes. The hotel demolished in the late 1960s.

Pick up a brochure inside the museum, take a self-guided historic walking tour and go see some of the buildings that date back to the early 1860s to the late 1890s. Some of the buildings built in downtown Leesburg in the early 1890s still stand. Visit the Mote-Morris House while in Leesburg built by Edward Mote, an eight-term mayor.

A very knowledgeable museum guide; she made the visit enjoyable. I enjoy visiting Leesburg it has such small-town charm.



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