Mel Fisher’s Treasures Museum






Mel Fisher’s Treasures Museum located at 1322 U.S. Highway 1 in Sebastian. Outside the museum, a cannon reproduction made from a mold from the original cannon and a sheet anchor weighing 750 pounds.

Inside the theater, watch a 20-minute film about the early life of the Fishers in California in the early 1950s to the time of Atocha the Spanish Galleon that sunk in 1622.

PICT0541PICT0542An illuminated map of the Spanish Trade Routes from the Atlantic to the Pacific dating from 1500 to 1800. Indigo dye in Honduras, gold and silver mined in Mexico and Peru. Pearls found in oyster beds in the Isle of Margarita part of Venezuela located in the Caribbean. Silk, spices, tea and other luxury items from China, Southeast Asia and India to the port city of Manila in the Philippines the export location of goods heading to Spain.

PICT0520-1PICT0526Throughout the museum replicas of ships to an original 9 foot 3,000 pound cannon to different size cannonballs in a display case. Bernard Romans, a Dutch-born American navigator and surveyor whose map drawn in 1775 showed the earliest location of the wrecks. Different navigational tools from an Astrolabe used to determine latitude to the bronze dividers used to measure distance.

PICT0558PICT0563Tinaja the Spanish name for a large earthenware vessel used to store freshwater. A wedding chain used in wedding ceremonies. The Spaniards melted down the gold, silver and jewels to bars, bits, disks and ingots, which are oblong. A photograph of Bill Moore, an Atocha diver who in one day recovered 165 pounds of gold.

PICT0531PICT0548-1Many different religious artifacts that include a gold religious medallion, a pitcher, gold plate and an emerald cross. A wall dedicated to family traditions, a display case of Maritime Archaeology artifacts. Maritime Archaeology the study of shipwrecks, the people and their activities. Display cases filled with artifacts and treasures throughout the museum.

Stop in the gift shop and see coins from the 1715 fleet. Earrings and rings from 1622 and 1715. Divers’ Guides, children’s books, t-shirts and videos. I highly recommend a visit; I plan a return visit to the museum. Admission prices and hours of operation on the website.



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