Princess Place Preserve





Princess Place Preserve at 2500 Princess Place Road in Palm Coast. Drive along a two-lane dirt road crossing a covered bridge stopping for horses along the road. Bring a fishing pole and fish on the dock or relax on a bench. Bring a pair of binoculars on a clear day you can see the bridge that crosses to A1A and see Marineland. Hike one of the four trails or canoe on Pellicer Creek that flows into Matanzas Inlet. Sit under a canopy of trees, have a picnic feel the breeze while overlooking the water.










PICT0473In the late 1880s, a hunting lodge built on the 1500-acre property. The lodge, the servants’ quarters that is now the park ranger’s office, livery stable, bathhouse and the first in-ground swimming pool all adjacent buildings. The pool table in the main hall include photographs of Princess Scherbatow, the owner to famous guests at the lodge. Going from room to room, the park ranger gave a thorough account of each room from donated pieces to family owned pieces. Original Hard Pine floors to a fireplace with original tiles and mirrors.

PICT0498PICT0454Cedar Trees, Palm Trees, Vines and the Southern Magnolia named for Pierre Magnol a French Botanist. Free entrance to the park, hours of operation on the website. Free tours of the lodge; I recommend the tour; the park ranger is very knowledgeable.


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