Discovery Gardens






PICT0405PICT0403Discovery Gardens located at 1951 Woodlea Road in Tavares. Ponds, garden statues and fountains throughout the gardens. From the Backyard Habitat to the Southwest Garden signs or maps help identify each garden. The Persian Shield a shrub native to Myanmar, the Variegated Shell Ginger and the Rangoon Creeper both native to Asia all along the path.

PICT0387Stand on a bridge and admire the many plants native to Central Florida Freshwater Wetlands. The Water Hemlock a perennial herb that grows up to 8 feet. A Red Maple that grows well in swampy areas that can grow to 50 to 60 feet.

PICT0446Sit on a bench donated by individuals or clubs. Have a picnic on one of the tables. Sit in a gazebo, relax and admire the native plants in the landscape garden.





A canopy of plants and trees in the Tropical Shade Garden. Walk through the mulch lined walkway and admire the Xanadu, a Philodendron, Coontie, a plant native to Florida and Indian Head Ginger native to Central and South America. Loquat a fruit tree grown in Japan for over a thousand years but native to South-Central China.

Over thirteen gardens and hundreds of plants to enjoy that I can’t possibly name them all. Free entrance to the gardens, hours of operation on the website.


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