The New Smyrna Museum of History

museumThe New Smyrna Museum of History located at 120 Sams Avenue in New Smyrna. Dr. Andrew Turnbull a physician from Scotland founded New Smyrna in 1768. An exhibit of Life in the New Smyrna Settlement. Immigrants came from Italy, Minorca and Greece.

A St. Johns Shell Midden dated 800 to 1150 A.D. Mastodon Teeth, rib or tusk and vertebrae all found in the pre-history section of the museum. Different periods depicted include the First Spanish Period to the Territorial Period. Fort New Smyrna built between February and April 1836. Maps and articles about the Seminole Indians Wars.


the-riverview-hotelItems displayed along the wall a history of New Smyrna donated by the locals. Photos of lifeguards in the late 1930s, maps and a photo of the Riverview Hotel built as a hunting and fishing lodge in the mid-1880s still in operation as a hotel.

imagesA photograph of the first Mosquito Inlet Lighthouse and charcoal drawings of the area. Maps of Florida from the early 1820s to the 1870s. A history of the printing press and a printing press on display built before the mid-1880s.

The Sheldon, Galbreath and Newell families all early settlers. Napkin rings, silverware, oil lamps and a coverlet all items on loan from the Sheldon family. William H. Newell moved to New Smyrna from North Carolina. He owned a livery and buggy service, built the Atlantic Hotel and served as mayor for 5 terms.

Books on The History of Florida Forts, The East Coast of Florida and Journeys with Florida’s Indians all found in the gift shop. An assortment of caps and T-shirts for sale.

Inquire about the walking tours from January to April. Entrance to the museum is free; donations are accepted. Hours of operation on the website.


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