Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve

central park & environmental center 117Tibet-Butler Nature Preserve at 8777 C.R. 535/Winter Garden-Vineland Road in Windermere. The Vera Carter Environmental Center in the preserve named after Vera Carter an Orange County Commissioner instrumental in preserving the environment.

2011 smHansen

central park & environmental center 134central park & environmental center 123




Interactive Exhibits inside the Center include a light-up map that highlights the eleven lakes that makeup the Butler Chain of Lakes. A lightning exhibit that shows the effects of lightning in the cypress dome in the dry season. A Green Horned Owl found in the Wild Wetlands of North and South America, a Great Egret, Red Shouldered Hawk and a Snapping Turtle exhibited.

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central park & environmental center 152Walk on the sandy trail that surrounds the flower and butterfly gardens. Sit on a bench and relax in the peaceful surroundings. Listen to the song of the Tufted Titmouse a small gray songbird. Birdfeeders in the garden attract different species of birds. The employee working in the garden said that the two tortoises come out of the burrows any time of day. A Blue Porterweed a perennial that attracts butterflies and the fruits of the host plant a Purple Passion Flower/Vine eaten by the Gopher Tortoise.

central park & environmental center 147central park & environmental center 139Hike one of the six trails from a one-half mile to more than a mile. When entering the preserve stop for animals at the crossing. Entrance to the preserve is free, hours of operation on the website.


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