Environmental Learning Center

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Environmental Learning Center located at 255 Live Oak Drive in Vero Beach. Pick up a map and take a self-guided audio tour. Walk the George’s trail a one and a half mile boardwalk made of recycled materials. Bring a pair of binoculars, go inside the Waterside Pavilion and see if you can spot an Osprey, a Great Blue Heron or a Brown Pelican. Take a canoe tour or relax on a bench while looking out at the Indian River Lagoon.

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Gopher Tortoises, butterflies, passionflowers and cactus among the reptiles, insects and flowers found on the native plant trail. Stand on a bridge while looking out on a pond. Walk in the sand underneath the boardwalk. A lower jawbone from a humpback whale on display.

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A brackish aquarium and a touch tank inside the Discovery Station. With the Earth in Mind, Life in Seagrass Meadows and Who Lives in the White, Red and Black Mangroves some of the exhibits found inside the station.

Stop in the gift shop for candles and lamps. Fill the wasp trap with honey. A plant nanny takes the guesswork out of when to water your plants.

central park & environmental center 100-1Stop for Gopher Tortoises at the crossing. Entrance fees and hours of operation on the website.


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