Hontoon Island State Park

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Hontoon Island State Park located at 2309 River Ridge Road in Deland. Board the pontoon boat that ferries people to Hontoon Island. The last boat leaves one hour before sunset. Walk along the water’s edge, a good spot to take photographs. Have a picnic, relax and watch the boats and sometimes a yacht docking and leaving the pier.

The park encompasses 1,658 acres but only 700 to 800 acres are accessible. Pick up a trail map before hiking or bicycling the 7 miles of trails. Rent a canoe, kayak or bicycle.

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A movie inside the visitor center narrates a story about the park. Inside the museum a timeline of events from the Paleoindians the original inhabitants from 12,000 to 9,000 years ago to Barbara Purdy an archaeologist who in the early 1980s excavated Hontoon sites. Dugout canoes a way of travel for the Native Americans. Some of the shells and stones used by the Timucuans on display. Various exhibits in the museum detailing Life in the Floodplain Forest to Water Resources – traveling the St. Johns River in the late 1820s.

Hontoon park 036Hontoon park 035Read about the Owl and Otter Totems found on the island belonging to the Timucuans. A replica of the Owl Totem found in the mid-1950s.

Hontoon Island State Park the only state park that doesn’t charge an entrance fee. Hours of operation on the website.



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