Highlands Hammock State Park

PICT1983Highlands Hammock State Park located at 5931 Hammock Road in Sebring. The tram tour sold out by the time we arrived. The park ranger told us that people were in line before the park opened at 8 a.m.

PICT2019Surrounded by people having picnics and barbecues throughout the park. The laughter of children playing on the playground. Numerous trails within the park. Sign up for a nature walk with one of the trail guides.







Many different animals on display in the Exploration Station. The shell of a 10,000-year old Giant Tortoise, Green Tree Frog, different species of snakes and footprints of animals. Take a pamphlet on the Panther an animal near extinction. Books on mammals, birds, reptiles, waterbirds and amphibians for sale in the museum.






The museum dedicated to the men in the CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) who were injured, disabled and died performing their duties. Artifacts that the men used donated by family members. Posters of the original 8 parks that became the Florida State Park System. A 15-minute video presentation of the development of the state parks in the 1930s. Some of the men slept in tents; some in barracks. A tent that the officer slept in is on display.

PICT1982Sit on a picnic table and enjoy Music in the Park performed in the bandstand in March and April. Fees and hours of operation are on the website.



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