May-Stringer Heritage Museum

MayStringerHouse 001

MayStringerHouse 003May-Stringer Heritage Museum a Victorian home built in the mid-1850s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum located at 601 Museum Court in Brooksville. The May family bought the 4-room house but only lived there for 6 years. Dr. Stringer bought the house and added an additional 10 rooms that included an attic. Before the civil war, Dr. Stringer added a kitchen.

Our museum guides engaged us in conversation as we entered each room. The furniture and photographs all donated by the people of Hernando County. James E. Weeks who founded the hardware store on Main Street that the Weeks family still operates and Mrs. Lykes-Stringer and her granddaughter the only photographs that the guides could identify.

Taxed for each fireplace, the house had 4 fireplaces that connected to one chimney. The dining room had a Victrola and a piano. People would sit on the Veranda and listen to music on the Victrola.

A small and large spinning wheel on display in the master bedroom. If a groom on his wedding day gave his bride a small spinning wheel he didn’t expect her to do much sewing and housework but if he gave her a large spinning wheel he expected her to do all the sewing and housework.

A piece of history in the metal ballot box that had a lock and key. Once the person placed his ballot inside the box, a man on horseback would come to collect it.

MayStringerHouse 005MayStringerHouse 010

Many rooms in the house with so much history that I can’t possibly cover. Behind the house is a Memory Garden that has granite benches with the names of the deceased engraved on them. A gazebo that you can sit in and relax among the Laurel Oak. Plants and bushes throughout the garden that people have dedicated to their loved ones.

The guides were very knowledgeable. Fees and hours of operation are on the website.


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