Enchanted Forest Sanctuary

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Enchanted Forest Sanctuary a wildlife sanctuary at 444 Columbia Boulevard in Titusville. We walked the trail leading up to the open-air amphitheater that holds weddings and other events that people can rent. A wedding performed the day we visited the sanctuary.

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A trail map located at the entrance to the sanctuary. Walk a 5K trail or the Enchanted Crossing that is a tenth of a mile. Sit on a bench under a trestle, relax and enjoy the view by the Serenity Pond. Walk along the boardwalk and admire the different shapes of coquina rocks. I hope that you can spot a butterfly in the butterfly garden.

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Sit at a table in the library inside the educational center and read about Florida’s past, big cats, insects and swamps. Enter the Discovery Center, Touch a Tree and see the Red Rat Snake inside the aquarium found mostly in the eastern part of the United States and parts of Utah and Colorado.

enchanted forest 023The Web of Life Habitats, Animal Diversity, Biodiversity and the Human Impact all exhibits found inside the educational center. Free entrance to the Enchanted Forest Sanctuary; hours of operation on the website.

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