Goldenrod Museum

goldenrod museum (2)Goldenrod Museum established in the year 2000 located in the old Fire Station at 4755 Palmetto Avenue in Goldenrod. A mural on the wall depicts life in Goldenrod from 1850 through 1959. Two community firsts; Walter Spelzhausen served for 25½ years as the first postmaster and Suburban Homes the first development.

dinky train lineThe tour made more interesting because of our museum guide’s family ties to the Goldenrod Community. The Parkers, Mathers and Hull some of the early settlers. Two speakeasies located in Winter Park during Prohibition and the most famous speakeasy the Eco Lodge in Goldenrod owned by Johnny Apperson. The Orlando-Winter Park Railroad owned the Dinky train line that began service in the late 1880s. The 6-mile train line ran from Orlando to Winter Park eventually extended service to Oviedo and by the late 1960s service ended.

Goldenrod file 870A single wheel hoe and weed cultivator two of the turn of the century tools unearthed. Photos and memorabilia that includes fire equipment from the Goldenrod-Dommerich Fire Department and a glass case of photos and memorabilia of Goldenrod’s war veterans. An Eisenhower and a Civil Air Patrol Jacket. The Florida East Coast Civil Air Patrol conducted anti-submarine patrols from 1943 until 1965.

A quilt exhibit includes a feedsack quilt. Used to store food and other household items the women discovered the many uses of the feedsacks. Some of the quilts included in the photo collage are the flower garden quilt, embroidered apron and Victoria Crazy Quilt.

Admission to the museum is free donations are accepted. Hours of operation on the website.



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