Hollis Garden

Hollis Garden

Windows - Robert Wick

Windows – Robert Wick

Oracle - Jerome Fogle

Oracle – Jerome Fogle






In Flux: Persistence - Brad Hunter

In Flux: Persistence – Brad Hunter

Hollis Garden located at 702 East Orange Street in Lakeland. Throughout the garden neatly pruned bushes surround the fountains, sculptures and runnels. Classical music in the background as you walk by “Windows” a sculpture by Robert Wick in the Tropical Room, “Oracle” a sculpture by Jerome Fogle in the Yellow Room and “In Flux: Persistence” a sculpture by Brad Hunter in the White Room.

Hollis Garden (27)Hollis Garden (38)




A cavern behind the gazebo shaped like a canopy with a fountain and a lily pond. Red Maple, Andover American elm and a Helen Keller Water Oak along a winding path. Many native plants provide habitat in the secluded butterfly garden.

Hollis Garden (10)Concrete garden furniture all through the garden. Sit in the gazebo and look out towards Lake Mirror. Feel the breeze while sitting on a bench looking out at the lake or walk along the promenade. Surrounded by beauty a day well spent. Entrance to the garden is free.



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