Waterhouse Residence Museum

Hollis Garden & Waterhouse Residence Museum 724Waterhouse Residence Museum located at 820 Lake Lily Drive in Maitland. Five generations of the Waterhouse family lived on the 1 1/2 acre site until 1989 when they sold the house to the City of Maitland. The house, a Victorian frame vernacular built in the early 1880s listed on the National Register of Historic Places.Hollis Garden & Waterhouse Residence Museum 726

Hollis Garden & Waterhouse Residence Museum 730Hollis Garden & Waterhouse Residence Museum 728





An end table in the parlor and a dining room table all original pieces. A courting couch, a man and woman’s chair all period furniture as well as the rest of the furniture throughout the house.

Walking through the house our docent gave an interesting account of the early residents. Miss Stella, as the locals fondly called her wrote how the journey from New York took five days and what she encountered. William Waterhouse served as a soldier in the Union Army. His medal taken by a prison guard while a prisoner at Andersonville and returned 40 years later.

Victorian mourning wreathThe mourning wreath encased in glass in the sewing room. The Victorian custom of when family members died a lock of hair taken for remembrance and weaved into a wreath.

carpenter's shopOnly one fireplace in the house located in the back parlor. The back parlor mainly used for family gatherings. Some of William Waterhouse’s tools on display in the carpenter’s shop. The carpenter’s shop made into a bungalow for Stella when her brother Charles and his family moved into the house. Prices and hours of operation are on the website.



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