Bradlee-McIntyre House Museum

bradlee-McIntyre House and DeLeon Springs 674bradlee-McIntyre House and DeLeon Springs 707The Bradlees greeted friends and family in the Grand Salon. Nathaniel Bradlee an architect from Boston built the 13-room Victorian Queen Anne Cottage in the mid-1880s as a winter home. Located in the historic district in Longwood at 130 W. Warren Avenue The Bradlee-McIntyre House Museum listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The house formerly located in Altamonte Springs moved to its present place in the early 1970s. Mrs. McIntyre’s bed is the only original furniture; people donated the rest. The original floors and woodwork remained.

bradlee-McIntyre House and DeLeon Springs 678bradlee-McIntyre House and DeLeon Springs 680





The house didn’t have a kitchen or indoor plumbing when originally built. The McIntyre family bought the house in the early 20th century and added indoor plumbing. Eight back-to-back fireplaces. Two fireplaces located upstairs in the living quarters. Separate women and men’s parlors.

bradlee-McIntyre House and DeLeon Springs 693bradlee-McIntyre House and DeLeon Springs 699





A museum on the second floor shows pictures of the house move, newspaper articles from The Florida Republican published in 1886. Many personal items from that period displayed. Kitchen tools that belonged to Mrs. McIntyre and parts of a spinning wheel. The third floor housed the servants. So much history in Longwood. Hours of operation on the website.

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