Sanford Museum







Sanford Museum located in the historic district in Sanford. Henry S. Sanford from Connecticut a diplomat who served in the Diplomat Service Corps in Brussels, Belgium for almost a decade. A timeline of events leading up to Sanford becoming a town. A room displaying furniture and paintings of the time spent in Belgium. A replica of his library in Derby, Connecticut. Over 2,800 volumes in seven languages, law, government, history, magazines and poetry. A couch and piano displayed.

PICT1195Swedish immigrants moved to Sanford to work in the citrus industry. A trunk with tools, Swedish Folk Dress on exhibit at the museum. Photographs of Carl Leonard Vihlen a botanist from Sweden became a landscape planner for Henry Sanford. Nels Julius Stenstrom founded the first dairy.

PICT1182Artifacts and clothing of the Seminole Indians. A map of Sanford, a photograph of Sanford House Hotel circa 1895. Clerk of the Court, city commissioners and school board members just a few of Sanford’s first officials during the early part of the 20th century. A photograph of Charles Beck a resident of Sanford sought his fortune in the Klondike Gold Rush in the late 19th century.

Orlando-Sanford International Airport formerly Sanford Naval Air Station. Uniforms worn during WWII and other items shown through the late 1960s. A sports exhibit consisting of Sanford natives that include football, baseball stars and Hall of Fame Players.

Entrance to the museum is free, donations accepted. I recommend the museum; a couple of hours well spent. Hours of operation on the website.




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