The Pritchard House

The First Bank in Titusville, a hardware store and a generator plant that eventually became Florida Power and Light. All were businesses owned and operated by James Pritchard, early settler.

Pritchard House 594Pritchard House 599Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and a Florida Heritage Site The Pritchard House a Queen Anne style Architecture with wraparound porches. Our tour made more enjoyable by the guide dressing in period clothing. Members of the Pritchard family lived in the house until 2005 when Brevard County bought the house.

Our guide described in detail every room from the foyer to the upstairs bedrooms. The house consisted of five bedrooms and four fireplaces. The parlor only used for special occasions. One family member remembered as a child the only time she went into the parlor was on Christmas Day. In the parlor picture rails used to hang pictures. The dining room used as a gathering room for socializing and playing games. They would also write letters. A framed 1891 newspaper on the dining room wall found behind the fireplace mantel.

Pritchard House 597

Walk around the gardens on the red brick path that surrounds the house. The Briggs, Carpenter, Pritchard-Boye Gardens, these are just a few of the fifteen family gardens listed. A written account of each family on a plaque in front of each garden. Special events, prices and hours of operation are on the website.

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