Mount Dora History Museum






Walk down Royellou Lane a narrow one-way street to the Mount Dora History Museum. Mount Dora originally named Royellou after Ross Tremain the first postmaster’s three children Roy, Ella and Louis. The museum originally housed a firehouse and police station. A hand drawn hose cart on display. The police station had a jail that housed prisoners from 1923 until 1969. Marty our museum guide told us that during the only breakout at the jail the inmate couldn’t take the miserable conditions so he broke out by removing bricks out of the wall. He left word that he would return for his trial.0705151316-00





Photographs of early Mount Dora. Donnelly Street in 1916, “The Tower” home of Warren Butler, The Risley Home in 1892, The Methodist and Congregational Churches in the mid-1880s. A life and portrait of J.P. Donnelly the first mayor of Mount Dora. An early kitchen that includes a Hoosier cabinet popular in the early part of the 20th century and a kitchen stove. Period furniture includes a piano, high chair and a wood burning stove.

We learned a great deal about the early settlers of Mount Dora. Free entrance to the museum, donations accepted.

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