Marine Discovery Center

0621151120-00Summer adventure days, kayak, boat tours and boat charters all offered at the Marine Discovery Center at 52 Barracuda Boulevard in New Smyrna Beach. The private non-profit offers many educational opportunities.





At the observation tanks, the staff member described the life of the Red Hermit Crab, Horseshoe Crab, Florida Spiny Lobster and Crown Conch. 

0621151134-00A Bamboo Shark found in the Pacific Ocean and a Nurse Shark bottom dweller found in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans. Red Drum, Black Sea Bass, Mangrove (or Gray) Snapper in the Sportsmen tank.


A Diamondback Terrapin Turtle on the endangered species list and is found on the briny coastal swamps of the eastern and southern waters of the United States.






A Lionfish an invasive species that is destroying our coral reefs and two Seahorses in another tank. These are some of the species of marine life found at the discovery center. Entrance to the center is free donations accepted. Check the website for hours of operation.

Lake Mary Historical Museum

Lake Mary Historical museum 540Twenty-five historic sites in Lake Mary from the first store built in 1890 to the John Bent Grove House the oldest known house built in the mid-1890s. Lake Mary originally named Bents after a family who owned an orange grove. The settlers wanted the name of the town changed to Lake Mary after the wife of a minister.

Lake Mary Historical museum 544Portraits of people and events found in the Lake Mary Historical Museum. Lake Mary scenes from the early 1900s to the 1950s. The Evans and Sjoblom families founded Lake Mary. Some of the early families were the McBrides, Sundell, Dunn and Humphreys. Graflex an early camera, a violin, photographs of Dr. Evans and Frank Evans and a 19th century medicine box displayed.


Plays, dances and concerts by the town orchestra were some of the activities of life in Lake Mary. A memory quilt, a table and chair from Miller’s Pharmacy and ice cream parlor exhibited. Two model trains onsite, while visiting the museum, several children came in just to see the trains. Free entrance to the museum, directions to the museum and hours of operation on the website.


Marine Science Center

Marine science center 533

Marine science center 517Walk along a wooden bridge surrounded by dunes to the Marine Science Center at Ponce Inlet. Atlantic, Cownose Stingrays and a Smooth Dogfish Shark found in the Touch Pool. Numerous aquariums house many species of marine life. Marine science center 521A Humpbacked Whale Skull and an artificial reef exhibited in separate aquariums. With enough nutrients, an artificial reef will develop into a living reef.

marine-science-center-524-1A Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital on-site. Green Sea, Kemp’s Ridley Sea, Loggerhead and Hawksbill Sea Turtles all treated at the Turtle Retreat. Turtles can weigh from 100 pounds to 460 pounds and grow from two to four feet.

0606151259-00Walk along the nature trail to the bird observation tower. Epiphytes an air plant that grows along the trail gets all the water directly from the air, sun and rain. Relax on the trail on one of the benches and enjoy nature.

A Seabird Rehabilitation Sanctuary named after Mary Keller who rehabbed birds for over 30 years. Small and large wading birds, raptors and different types of owls now at the sanctuary. Prices and hours of operation on the website.

Winter Park History Museum

How Trains Came to Winter Park is an exhibit at the Winter Park History Museum located at 200 W. New England Avenue. When trains came to Winter Park in the early 1880s chronicled throughout the museum. A short film depicts harsh winters in the Northeast. People getting on trains in Boston and making the two-day journey to Winter Park and women arriving with their seven trunks of clothing. When they arrived, they stayed at The First Inn, The Rogers and The Seminole Hotel operational from 1886 until 1902 located between Lake Osceola and Lake Virginia. The hotels offered golf and golf lessons, swimming and rowing. 

0604151159-00A collage of photographs of Winter Park Landmarks on the wall. A replica of a bed and a luggage rack that was in the Pullman car. Three 4 x 6 prints enlarged as wall images. Students boating on Lake Virginia, college students taken on Palmer Avenue and the original train station in 1882. 


Early hotels of Winter Park, citrus rides, the rails and Pullman Porters of Winter Park described in brochures. The museum is free and hours of operation on the website.