Henry A. Deland House

0523151338-01The Henry A. Deland House located on 137 W. Michigan Avenue in Deland. The Conrad family lived in the home and bequeathed the home to the city. The house, a wooden vernacular farmhouse built in the late 19th century has a second entrance that we entered was added on later. The entranceway has a dual fireplace and paintings of John D. Stetson and Henry A. Deland both benefactors.

0523151251-02The tour guide gave an in-depth history of the house. The formal parlor has a pedal organ built in 1872 and a secretary, a first of its kind with a lock. A tri-crested settee is also in the parlor. As the story goes when the couple was courting, the young woman’s mother sat in the middle. In the dining room, a table built by the Remington Arms Company in Connecticut. The kitchen has Hoosier antique kitchen cabinets popular in the early part of the 20th century installed; ice chests that held 25 to 50 lb. blocks of ice had to be special ordered.

Upstairs are the master bedroom, sitting room, sewing room and children’s bedroom. The bathroom with a claw foot tub was added in the 1920s or 30s. The Master bedroom has transoms above the door for ventilation before air conditioning and double hung windows that in the summer kept the bedroom cooler and in the winter warmer. The mattress was made of horsehair. The sitting room has a settee and family photos on the wall. The children’s bedroom with their toys displayed. The sewing room has party dresses and everyday dresses that the women wore.

20150525055843A lithograph of Deland in the mid-1880s as well as photos of a steamboat and early pioneers. A photo of Brock House and Dock around 1860 in the town of Enterprise.

0523151347-01Relax in the Gazebo and admire the sculpture of Leu Gim Gong, the Citrus Wizard. Born in China he immigrated to the United States. A horticulturist remembered for his contributions to the citrus industry. Entrance fees; hours of operation on the website.


Paynes Creek Historic State Park

Paynes state park 472Paynes state park 473

Paynes state park 481Paynes Creek Historic State Park located in Bowling Green. In the late 1970s, the Fort Chokonikla site listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Inside the Visitor Center a museum, chronicles the lives of the Seminole Indians and the soldiers. Watch a film about the Seminole Indians and the 102 soldiers who lived at the fort during the three wars performing guard and work detail. Scenic paintings, a replica of Fort Chokonikla and waxed figures of the Seminole Indians and soldiers in uniform on display.

Paynes state park 476-1

Paynes state park 487The cannon the artillery used in the 1800s by the U.S. Army exhibited. All artifacts found at the archaeological fort displayed in the glass case. A trail behind the Visitor Center leads to the site of the fort where it once stood.

Three pavilions available for rent. A children’s playground, several nature trails, canoeing, kayaking and fishing available on the Paynes Creek and Peace River. Fees and hours of operation on the website.

Visit Lake Alfred, Winter Haven and Fort Meade, all have historic districts. Small towns that we drove through along the way.

Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum and Gardens

Welcome center 434steps to the top of waterfall

Wooden bridge

Welcome center 447Ormond Beach Memorial Art Museum & Gardens located at 78 East Granada Boulevard. The museum was closed so I walked around the gardens. Open from sunrise to sunset seven days a week dedicated to the veterans of World War I and II. Many pathways, a wooden bridge and ponds encompass the area. Lush foliage surround the waterfall, you can walk to the top. The bamboo trees are so tall that they bend and crackle. A gazebo for relaxing in the shade. Walk across the bridge to experience The Labyrinth Walk described as an ancient symbolic tool for healing and wholeness. Emmons HouseEmmons Cottage a pioneer home built in 1885 an Ormond Beach Historic Landmark used for special events. Check the website for hours of operation if combining the art museum with the gardens.

MacDonald House Welcome Center and Museum

Welcome center 430MacDonald House Welcome Center and Museum located at 38 East Granada Boulevard in Ormond Beach. The Queen Anne-style house built in the latter part of the 19th century is a Historic Landmark.

A 15-minute film of Ormond Beach presents a thorough account of the early settlers. Sketches of the early Timucua Indians in Florida made by Jacques le Moyne de Morgues. They made tools, pottery and miscellaneous ornaments. War and disease wiped out the early people in the 1700s. Posters chronicle the life of The First Spanish Period, English Period and The Expansion Period after the civil war.

Portraits of family life along the walls of the Welcome Center depicted. The First House built in 1869 by Brothers John Andrew and Charles Bostrom from Sweden the first settlers in Ormond Beach. Photographs of sightseeing on the Tomoka River, beach vehicles in the early 1900s and the original auto racers. John Anderson an early pioneer came to Ormond Beach then known as New Britain in 1876. He built The Ormond Hotel in the later part of the 19th century and two years later sold the hotel to Henry M. Flagler. The welcome center offers a historical bus tour. Check the website for details.