Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens

PICT0788Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens located in Port Orange. Before Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens became a botanical garden, it was a Plantation and Sugar Mill Factory. In the early 1830s, two families Dunn and Lawton formed a partnership to run the Plantation and Sugar Mill Factory. Plaques throughout the ruins details the life of the families and the production of sugar cane. The slaves and free workers kept the plantation running.


PICT0785During the second Seminole War, the Seminole Indians burned the plantation and all that remains is the Sugar Mill Ruins. Walk around the Boardwalk to view the engine room, steam engine cane crusher, engine powered roller and boiling room. The Sugar Mill Ruins is a Protected Archaeological Area. 


PICT0764The Botanical Gardens has been in operation since the late 1980s. A Gazebo for wedding ceremonies. Couples who previously married at the Gazebo had their names engraved on the hitching posts. From the Human Sundial to plants that attract butterflies, Red Buckeye, Spineless Yucca and Shell Ginger Collection to a 200-year-old Live Oak, the gardens have a wide variety of interests for everyone. An onsite Horticulture Reference Library moved from its original site in Orange City. Three trails to walk, The Audubon Trail, Florida Hammock Trail and Boggy Trail Path. Entrance to the gardens is free; donations are accepted.


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