Sebastian Inlet State Park

Sebastian inlet 286Sebastian inlet 287

Sebastian Inlet State Park located at 9700 South Highway A.1.A in Melbourne Beach. A wide variety of activities available at the park. Admission prices and hours of operation on the website. The McLarty Treasure Museum located 1.7 miles south on A.1.A.

Sebastian Inlet 288Sebastian Inlet Fishing Museum

Sebastian Inlet Fishing Museum dedicated to the Sembler, Smith and Judah families who pioneered commercial fishing in the Indian River Lagoon around the turn of the century. The Indian River Lagoon include 150 miles of swamp and mangroves.

A plaque outside the museum show 30 types of common fish at the park. Pineapple and citrus the crops grown before the freeze of 1895. Stone Crab, Blue Crab, Pig Fish and Crayfish traps exhibited. Four shelves displaying Shark and fossilized shark teeth, different types of conch and many types of shells. I didn’t know so many types of conch and shells existed.

Plaques on the walls as well as photographs portraying the life of early settlers from 1924 into the early 1930s. You can see a film about the early life of the people of Sebastian.

McLarty Museum-1McLarty Treasure Museum

McLarty Treasure MuseumThe name Treasure Coast derived from the 100 miles of Treasures found on the beach. In 1974, a landmark on this site dedicated to the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet Survivors’ & Salvaging Camp. Two-thousand passengers as well as treasures from around the world for the Queen’s dowry loaded on the ships bound for Spain. We watched a film that gave a thorough account of the disaster.

Over twelve glass displays are in the museum. Ceramics and Glass, Worked Metals, Life aboard the Ship, Spanish Shipwreck Archaeology, The Spanish World of Trade and Spanish Treasures and Cargo exhibited. Weapons of war and a cannon reproduction on display. The tour guide gave an account of how the coins were made and told us what the coins are worth in today’s market. You can search for coins walking on the beach using a Geiger counter.


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