Cruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins

Iron Beam

Iron Beam

Roller Mill

Roller Mill

Boiling Vats

Boiling Vats

Cruger-dePeyster Sugar Mill Ruins at 600 Mission Drive in New Smyrna Beach. Henry Cruger and William dePeyster New York Merchants bought 600 acres in the Village of New Smyrna in the early 19th century and established a sugar factory. The sugar mill in operation for five years when in 1835 the Seminole Indians along with the slaves raided the sugar mill and burned it to the ground. The iron beam, a roller mill and boiling vats are the only machinery left.

New Smyrna 016The mill made of coquina a natural stone that in Spanish means “tiny shell” you can feel the coquina up close. A photograph of a steam-driven roller mill used for crushing cane is on display. A plaque shows slaves clearing the land, raising the crops, cutting and processing the sugar cane.

New Smyrna 033You can walk the quarter-mile trail. The day we visited the weather was warm and sunny. A couple with two dogs passed us going towards the trail and their comment to us “Another day filled with sunshine.” I recommend visiting the site. Days and hours of operation on the website. 

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