DeBary Hall


DeBary Hall listed on the National Register of Historic Places located at 198 Sunrise Boulevard in DeBary. Our tour started at the Visitor Center at the DeBary Historic Site. A virtual movie in the Imagidome Theater depicts people traveling on a steamship down the St. Johns River, the sensation of cruising on the river. Afterwards we took a one hour tour of the Hunting Lodge. The tour guide went into each room giving a thorough account.

The town of DeBary named after Frederic DeBary a European Aristocrat born in Frankfurt, Germany. He was the sole agent for G.H. Mumm & Co. one of the largest champagne companies in France making a fortune in the import business that imported French wines and mineral water. He also owned a steamship company and was involved in the citrus industry.

Tenant House

Tenant House

Caretakers Residence

Caretakers Residence

Carriage House and Stables

Carriage House and Stables

Frederic DeBary built a Hunting Lodge in the late 19th century. Other buildings on the property include a Carriage House and Stables, Tenant House and Caretakers Residence that was once a laundress cottage and an Ice House. The Carriage House and Stables restored with artifacts that show the Citrus Industry before the freeze in the 1890s. A Hunting Wagon and a Traveling Wagon are on display. Plaques in the Tenant House give of a history of the era and its inhabitants.

A couple on our tour rode their bicycles on the 2¼-mile trail that is on the property. Prices and hours of operation on the website.

One thought on “DeBary Hall

  1. Another interesting little known site. Its nice to explore the rich history of the central Florida area. There is more to it than the giant theme parks! Keep exploring and writing about your discoveries!


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