Sams House at Pine Island Conservation Area

PICT0568John H. Sams House at Pine Island Conservation Area located at 6195 North Tropical Trail in Merritt Island. Designated a Florida Heritage Site in 2006 a Historical Marker was constructed that details the history of the house and its inhabitants. The Sams family moved to Brevard County from South Carolina in the mid-19th century to take advantage of the 1860 Homestead Act. Built in 1875 using hand tools the log home is the oldest standing structure in Brevard County. Originally constructed in Eau Galle and reassembled at its present site the home is now a museum. Interpretive exhibits describe how the Native Americans and early settlers lived in Merritt Island.

Sams houseIn the late 19th century, he built a white two-story vernacular house for his family. A plaque on the house chronicles their life. For twenty years, he served as the first superintendent of schools for Brevard County.

The Conservation Area encompasses 900 acres and interactive exhibits along the paved trail. There is hiking, biking and horseback riding. Wildlife in the conservation area include manatees, bobcats, alligators and wading birds. Have a picnic on one of the many picnic tables.


One thought on “Sams House at Pine Island Conservation Area

  1. I am enjoying your blog so much. It’s nice to have information of other places to visit other than Disney World and Universal Studios. You really get to know our great state of Florida because of people like you. Nice ideas for other places to take company when they come into town, too. Thank you so much for your information.


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