Maitland Art and History Museums

art museumMaitland Art and History Museums located at 221 W. Packard Avenue in Maitland designated a National Historic Landmark. The museum originally an artist’s colony built in 1937 by André Smith born in Hong Kong raised in New York and Connecticut. He was a Surrealist and Modernist Painter. Mary Curtis Bok and Edward W. Bok were André’s benefactor and helped fund the artist’s colony. They also built Bok Tower. A portrait bust of André Smith sculpted by A. Wolfe “Abe” Davidson and a watercolor painting by Milton Avery in the museum.

The art museum has 6 and 9-week artists in residence programs. Leigh Tarentino an artist in residence from December 30, 2013 until January 17, 2014. Acrylic on Wood Panel, Mono Print and Painting, Ink on Digital Prints mounted on Wood Panels and watercolors some of the artist’s works featured in the museum.

history and telephone museum

Historical Museum

The historical museum offers a self-guided tour. Fort Maitland built in 1838 during the Second Seminole Warn named after Captain W.S. Maitland. An enlarged wall photograph depicts life in Maitland in the later part of the nineteenth century. Plaques line the walls describing early life in Maitland. Photographs and postcards that depict life for African Americans during the Jim Crow period before the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The Space Age brought many changes to Maitland.

Telephone Museum

Carl Galloway founded the Maitland Telephone Exchange in 1910. He moved the telephone company to Winter Park and the company later sold to Southern Bell. Splicer tools, construction lineman tools some of the equipment displayed throughout the museum. A Calculagraph Machine on display; operators used it to record the time of a long distance call. A telephone booth also on display. The telephone booth popular from the 1920s through the 1960s. I recommend visiting the museums.


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