Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park


Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park located on 3501 Old Kings Road in Flagler Beach. Charles Wilhelm Bulow ran Bulow Plantation and Sugar Mill with his son John Joachim Bulow from 1820 until 1836 until the Seminole Indians burned down the plantation. The sugar mill was left in ruins. Because it was made of coquina, it was not burned to the ground. You can walk to the ruins that is 1/4 mile or you can drive. Most of the people at the park walked to the site.

PICT0466Bulow Plantation was the largest sugar plantation of the twelve plantations on the east coast of Florida from St. Augustine to Cape Canaveral. The Plantation consisted of 6,675 acres; one thousand acres was used to plant sugar cane. Two nature trails are in the park. One trail leads to the slave quarters, sugar mill ruins and picnic area; the other trail leads to the Springhouse where food was stored. On the site of the ruins, there are plaques that give a detailed history of sugar cane production.

An interpretive center has plaques showing crop production on an East Florida Plantation. Bulow household articles, artifacts and miscellaneous artifacts are displayed.

PICT0457After visiting the Plantation Ruins, you can rent a canoe for $10.00 an hour or $40.00 a day. Bulow Creek has a canoe trail that is 13 miles long. I walked on the pier and took some photographs of the creek. In the winter months, you can stand on the pier and bird watch. There are Snowy Egrets and the Great Blue Heron is the largest wading bird.





2 thoughts on “Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park

  1. I have driven by this place through the years and never realized how much history was there. This seems like a great place to take school children for a field trip. Much can be learned about how the area developed and certainly the cruelty that was prevalent at that time.


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